Tips on Buying Wheel and Tire Packages

Purchasing new rims and tires as a package is a great way to save money with cheap wheels and upgrade your vehicle. But, oftentimes customers are unaware of important factors before their purchase, which can lead to problems down the road. When ordering new rims and tires it is crucial to take certain aspects into consideration such as: bolt circle, lug nuts, sizing, lug wrench fitment, and wheel locks.One of the most important factors in purchasing wheel and tire packages is the sizing. A wheel or tire that is too big or too small may not fit, and can cause numerous drivability problems. One such aspect is the bolt circle, also known as the bolt pattern. A bolt circle is an invisible circle that is drawn through each wheel bolt center. This circle also takes into account the number of mounting-bolt holes. It is essential that the bolt circle of the new wheel matches that of the new wheel. If the bolt circles do not match, the wheel will not fit properly.

Ensuring that your wheels and tires are properly secured is vital. It is important to use the proper lug nuts or bolts with new wheels. Using lug nuts or bolts that are not to the correct specification or type can lead to an improperly secured wheel, and cause vital components to break. Making sure that you have the correct lug wrench is also essential. If the stock lug wrench does not fit the lug bolts or nuts in the new wheel and tire package, you should order a new wrench that fits the new bolts in case of an emergency tire change. It is also recommended that packages are ordered with wheel locks. These inexpensive locks deter thieves and come with a convenient key to allow owners to remove the wheels.Sizing is also essential when purchasing new wheel and tire packages. Although upgrading your vehicle with larger wheels and lower profile tires may provide an aesthetic improvement to your vehicle, it can also create problems. It is essential that upgraded rims and tires are not more than three percent larger than the original wheel and tire combination. Larger wheels can put more stress on bearings and suspension components, hurt fuel mileage, and diminish ride quality. It is also important to know the width and offset of the new cheap wheels. Wheel and tire packages that are too big or too small may not fit inside the wheel well and can rub against brake and suspension components, causing drivability problems.