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Water Heater Repair Lakeway-Things To Know

Water Heater Repair Lakeway-Things To Know

Do you know when your water heater needs to be inspected or repaired? Here are some signs of problems:

When trying to use warm water, it comes out cold.

An increase in utility bills.

Strange sounds coming from the water heater.

The water you use is accompanied by a strange odor.

Common problems

All of these are indications that your water heater may be malfunctioning. Such signals should not be overlooked, and they should be attended immediately to avoid bigger problems, which will cost more money down the road. While most checks and fixes need to be done by a heating repairs professional, there are some things you can try on your own, if you are comfortable with this and you have some knowledge about your water heater. Checkout Water heater installation Lakeway for more info.

DIY checklist

If you find yourself suddenly without hot water, it may be that your pilot light is out. You can relight it yourself, but make sure you know how, or read the instructions to be safe. Maybe water does not seem to be coming out at the right temperature, meaning it may be too hot or too cold. You can check the outside of the water heater to see if there is access to the thermostat, so you can change the temperature gauges.

Parts replacement

Certain parts of the water heater, like the heating element, anode rod and dip tube, may need to be replaced after continuous use. These parts are not very expensive and they are easily available at any hardware store. Though most parts can be replaced without much difficulty, there is always an element of risk involved. If you opt to do this job yourself, you’ll save money and time right now, but may it may become messy and the repair of electrical appliances exposes you to risks. So unless you are experienced in handling electrical circuits, it would be better to call a professional.

Repairs that Call for an Expert

Of course, asking for heating repairs professional help is costly, compared to doing the job yourself, but it works out cheaper in the long run, if it makes your water heater last longer. It is best to leave certain jobs to experts. For example, over a prolonged use, there is bound to be an accumulation of sediment and scale in the tank. As a result, the tank may get overheated. This sediment can also cause the corrosion of the anode rod. Cleaning the tank is a difficult DIY project, and it should be done by a licensed contractor.

Changing the Dip

Likewise, changing the dip rod also involves the removal of the cold water pipe and the replacement of the heating element, which means handling 220 volts. Such jobs should only be done by experienced heating repairs hands. Gas water heaters should be entrusted to an experienced technician to avoid the risk of a gas leak, fire or personal injury.